Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Batanes


In Batanes dialect, they call this the “Tukon Church”

Since it’s Holy Week, I thought of posting beautiful churches that I’ve seen in my past travels.  Let’s think of it like a virtual “Bisita Iglesia”, or what Filipinos usually do as part of tradition during Holy Week where we visit seven (7) churches to pay respects and pray.

For this post, it’s all about the cozy and chic Mount Carmel Chapel in Basco, Batanes.  It’s so pretty and unique, and definitely ideal for “destination” weddings in the Philippines.  When we visited, there was actually a wedding the day before we went. Hence, there were some leftovers from the wedding setup.

Inside the chapel


the ceiling

Sitting atop a hill, a breezy mountain wind accompanies every visit and I like it. Talk about windblown hair in every photo. But the view from up there was also something to note.

view from the top



Happy Holy Wednesday!

And while everyone is going out of the city (me included!), I wish you all a safe trip, whether it be on the road, OR via air or sea.


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