Beauty Friday: Does Dry Shampoo Work in Manila Weather?

Happy “good hair day” Friday!

Let’s see…dry shampoo for our tropical humid weather, is it possible?  Is it doable?

Will it even last all day?

Personally, I think it is possible – PROVIDED that, you will only stay indoors, or in an air-conditioned room all day.  However, if you plan on staying out in the sun, I highly discourage you to use one and just stick to washing your hair with regular shampoo.


I recently tried Dove’s Refresh+Care Volume Dry Shampoo which I bought from Duty Free Shopping Mall for about USD$5.00. It’s actually my first time to try a dry shampoo and I’ve always been curious about how it works – more importantly, about how it will work in our tropical climate. This one from Dove works really great for me so far.  It also has a refreshing scent and gives my hair the volume it needs.


After about three (3) weeks of testing it out, here are some thoughts (and tips!) on using dry shampoo:

  1. To evenly distribute the product on the scalp, tie the hair up in a bun first, then spray all around before massaging into the roots.
  2. Aside from spraying just into the roots or scalp, you can also spray up a bit directly on the hair. If the product has a refreshing and pleasant smell (like this one from Dove), the hair will smell fresh all day, as if you actually washed it.
  3. Dry shampoo is perfect for lazy days, like if you’re just staying home and don’t want to shower (we all have those days!).  Sometimes, in my case, it also works when I’m already running late in the morning.
  4. There is a white residue upon spraying, so make sure to massage and spread into the scalp evenly. Otherwise, it will look like you have dandruff (waah!).
  5. Not recommended for Manila weather –  if and when staying outdoors.
After a full day of using dry shampoo, I can still smell it!

Any thoughts on dry shampoo?


It’s finally Friday!

Oh gosh, I cannot tell you how tired I am and how much I want to just stay in my couch all day and watch re-runs of Friends (yeah, the famous 90’s TV show – currently addicted to it now). It’s audit season and it’s the time of the year that accountants and lawyers are mostly busy!

So yah, I’m dead tired. But not so much when it comes to beauty blogging, because you know – it’s my way to relax. Hope you enjoyed today’s Beauty Friday!


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