NAIA Terminal 3’s Multilevel Parking is Quite Convenient


Every time I go to the airport for a flight, I simply rely on Uber or the good old taxi cab to take me from home to the “Departure” area.  It’s mostly the same thing whenever I’m in the “Arrivals” area.

I don’t know, it never really occurred to me to drive all the way and just park the car before taking off. Taking a cab just seemed so convenient, and now with Uber, it’s even more convenient.

However, since I’ve been doing the daily roundtrip travels lately, a.k.a. one day of travel to and from Manila to any preferred domestic route, I was drawn to trying out the Multilevel Parking Building in NAIA Terminal 3 for the first time.  With most of my flights now coming from Terminal 3, I think it would be an easier and more economical alternative.

Would you believe that I only paid Php40.00 for one day of parking there? My flight was at 5am, so I was there at around 4am; meanwhile, I left the airport around 10pm. I thought I was going to pay the overnight rate of Php350.00, but I guess my stay was still counted as one day.  It sure beats my usual Uber costs of Php300 per way!


So yeah, from now on, I would definitely take advantage of that parking facility, especially for my daily roundtrip flights.

Here are some details about the Multilevel Parking Building for your reference (you know, just in case!):

  •  It’s located in the Arrivals Section, so when you drive to Terminal 3, go straight to the Arrivals area and drive all the way to the end where you will be greeted by the entrance gate to the parking building.  There are several readable signs on the way so it would be really hard to miss.
  • Upon reaching the parking premises, opt to park in either Level A or Level B, so when you arrive from your flight, you just go straight to the parking building exit without having to ride the elevators all the way down. But I guess this would really depend on the available slots.
That’s my red car in Level B
  • Entrance to the airport is found on the rightmost corner of the building from the entrance gate.  There’s usually a guard roving the area, so you can ask them just in case.


  • When you ride the elevators going up to the Departure level, press “LD”.
  • Don’t lose your ticket! It will cost you an additional Php500.
  • Parking rates:  Daily Fixed Rate of Php40.00; Overnight Fee – Php350.00

Overall, I think if you’re travelling for an overnight trip or like what I do (the daily roundabout!), it’s cheaper to just park your car there than take a taxi or Uber or Grab. This rings especially true if you live far from the airport, like Quezon City for instance. However, if you’re doing the “3days trip” or longer, I think you’re better off just taking the usual commute, because it will cost you Php350 for a day.

Oh well, just a little bit of help to my fellow frequent flyers.


UPDATE:  I have been receiving comments asking for the parking computation for NAIA3’s Multilevel Parking. For this, I would like to say that I made this post sometime in early 2017 and based on my personal experience only, so there should be changes in the parking rates now. For this, I encourage all of you to research like I did, before actually trying the airport’s parking facility. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “NAIA Terminal 3’s Multilevel Parking is Quite Convenient

  1. Thanks for this article! I have an upcoming domestic overnight trip. Will it still be considered overnight if I park sunday 8am and leave the parking on Monday 8-9pm? Thank you!!

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  2. greetings,

    how about, if im going to park at friday 2am, then leave at aroung 8pm of monday? almost 90hrs of stay… equivalent of 3 overnights and 18 hours. my parking cost is 350 + 350 + 350 + 40 = 1,090. Is that so?
    thank you and more power ms.chryzyners

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    1. Hi geejay, I wrote this post based on my personal experience last year. If the article link you sent was recent, then maybe the rates were changed. No harm checking or calling them to inquire yourself. Thanks!


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