Beauty Friday: Exfoliation is a Tale as Old as Time

Hey there, lovely Beauties!

Taken in BGC Cenral

I’m currently on a Beauty and the Beast high.  It was my first time to watch in the 4Dx movie theater in Bonifacio High Street Central, and I only have one word to describe it – FUN! It was literally like being in a Disney theme park ride and I love it! Add to that the scent of roses being circulated around the movie house, it was truly quite an experience. Highly recommended!

So anyhoo, for my Beauty Friday this week (I’m sorry for missing last week!), I just wanted to share with you some favorite items I’ve been loving lately that I use for my exfoliation plans, a.k.a. scrubbing those damn dead skin every summer!

The best way to get ready for your beach trips “skin-wise” is to take time to exfoliate. I’m not just talking about scrubbing your face, dear – It’s about doing your ENTIRE BEAUTIFUL BODY. But for now, let’s put the focus on the face.




This Php99 find from Mumuso is a sweet and cheap treat.  Similar to other branded peeling gels in the market today, this one works just as well. Although I do think it works a little more gently on the surface of the face.

Because it’s so affordable, I don’t think anyone should think twice about trying it.  It will definitely give you wonderful skin afterwards.




This is not your ordinary beauty sponge.  Originally born in Japan, it’s made of potato fibers and had begun to invade the beauty world since around three or four years ago. It was actually my first time to try it.  I’ve been using a facial sponge already for face exfoliation that I got from Beauty Bar, but I got curious with this when a friend gave it as a gift.

Oh girl, it’s so soft and gentle, yet it cleans really well.  Some beauty bloggers claim that you can use it even without any soap or cleanser, so I tried using it that way.  However, I still prefer using some soap with it. Granted, it does not really exfoliate much, unlike my previous sponge – but it works like your gentle and mild daily exfoliator. Did you know that even babies use this? I kinda get a kick when I use this in the morning.

So what about you, tell me about your “exfoliation plans” this summer! If you don’t have any yet, it’s time to plan, girl!

Happy Beauty Friday!


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