How to Din Tai Fung on an Ash Wednesday


This post is kinda late, because it all happened last Ash Wednesday.  I’m not a strictly practicing Catholic, but there are some occasions that I do participate freely and voluntarily to be a “good” Catholic.  So anyhoo, I was meeting with some friends for dinner in SM Megamall during that evening and we decided to eat at Din Tai Fung.

Given how Din Tai Fung is internationally known as the ultimate dimsum place, I was thinking how can we not order their famous Xiao Long Baos?

But since we were all being good girls and we wanted to observe fasting – which translates to not eating any meat on Ash Wednesday, we decided to try their vegetarian picks with some seafood on the side.

Vegetable and mushroom wontons in soy sauce
Din Tai Fung House Special appetizer
Hot prawn salad with mango and pineapple
Fried noodles with veggies
Salted Egg Yok Squid
Golden Lava Salted Egg Yolk Bun

They’re all quite tasty and satisfying so far.  My favorite was the fried noodle dish and salted egg yolk squid. But I still think that nothing beats going there for a xiao long bao fix.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Photos from my friends, Jam and Diane. (Hi! :))

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