My Dream Shabby Chic Dresser

I don’t really have your typical “legit” vanity dresser at home.  Actually, I’ve blogged about it before and as you can see, it’s very different from what a usual dresser would be.


I live in a small condo now and gone are the days that I have a bigger room with more space that’s enough for a full blown dresser.

I used to have one though, which I inherited from my Momma.  It’s a wooden dresser that came with a matching cushioned chair, with all sorts of compartments, drawers, and cabinet doors.  It also had some lighting over the mirror. When I think about it now, I’m kinda regretting not keeping it.  It could have stored all my beauty and makeup paraphernalias. There might even be enough room for my jewelry.  Well, sadly, we left that when we sold the old house.

But you know, life happens and change happens.  So now that I’m living alone in my own place and cannot afford to have my own house (at least not yet), all I can do is dream or fantasize about my “dream dresser”.

As for design, I’m leaning more into the vintage and shabby chic area.  I think it’s so classic, very feminine, and chic.

So I was browsing online, and found some few cool and cute items that I would someday want, or need, or maybe still dream about when I finally have my ideal home. I know I won’t be able to find the same one I had before, but I saw these dressers from, and I think they are so “shabby chic”.

genevieve wide dresser
Genevieve white dresser

This white dresser is so lady-like.  It also comes with a marbled table top.  So classy and chic! Just imagine it with a vanity mirror on top, and it’s perfect for a shabby chic dresser.

Isla Mirrored drawer chest
Isla mirrored drawer chest

Oh, this one got a lot of bling! I think it’s a very interesting design, especially when placed inside a very plain bedroom.  The light kinda bounces from it too, and I think that would be cool.

Of course, I would also love to have a pretty full length mirror too. But it has to match my shabby chic theme.

evelyn mirror

If this came in white, then it would pair or match well with the white dresser.

Finally, every vanity station or dresser needs to have enough lighting to get that perfect makeup look every time.  That’s why what I have now is placed beside a window so I can  get all the natural light I need. At night though, I don’t have enough lighting, but a lamp or those mirror light bulbs would probably do. But I also found this pretty pendant light.

I think it’s the perfect accent light in a bedroom.  Granted, it’s not meant for a dresser, but ain’t it so pretty?

Oh well..someday, I will have this project soon and be able to have my own customized dream dresser.  What about you, what’s yours?


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