Beauty Friday: Prada’s Candy Kiss


Hi, how are you smelling today?

I have a new scent addiction and it’s Prada’s Candy Kiss. I don’t know how to describe it, but from the website, it smells of orange blossoms and vanilla. Whatever it is, it smells really good to me!

I honestly don’t know why, but having my first sniff of this perfume was like getting a high! Of course, I’m speaking of the good kind of “being high”. I just love how sweet this one smells, even in the tropical humid weather in Manila.  I also think it lingers well with my own “pheromones”, so I end up smelling nice whenever I have this on.  It also lasts for the whole day and a little spritz in the morning goes a long way.

Wait, a little spritz? Who am I kidding?

The truth is, I love spraying it all over my body, including my hair.  I guess that’s how addicted I am with the scent.  As I have a big bottle of 80ml, I hope it could last until next year.  I always tend to finish up all my perfumes quite quickly, which goes to show how I love smelling nice. Hehe!

By the way, for the deets:  I got this at the Rome Airport Duty Free Store for about 90euros. Locally, you can also find it in Rustan’s or SM Department Store.

Happy Beauty Friday!


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