Random Photo: Chicharon Cravings


Let’s have some chicharon cravings for today.  I know the week is still long, but let’s take a little break.

So last Friday, I had this crazy schedule for a local or domestic flight. I have no problem flying early in the morning, but what bothered me was the return flight of approximately 7 hours! Flying back to Manila from General Santos City, it usually will only take me about 2 hours.  But last Friday, we had to do a layover in Cebu for 4 hours.


Since I had no choice, I had to deal with it.  Thus, I managed to do all my blog readings and explored the airport for a bit.  I’m a little glad though, because I was able to buy some good old crispy chicharon from Carcar City.

So let’s chill a bit and share this bag.  I know you won’t and can’t resist.

Happy Wednesday!


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