Shopping Report: My Three (3) Current Moisturizer Favorites

Aloha, loves! What are you up to? Can you feel summer slowly creeping in?

But before we get on with summer skin, let me just tell you about a few skincare items I’m loving right now.

During the cooler months, I’ve been experiencing some dryness on the skin.  I don’t know if it’s part of aging, but all I know is that, I’ve gotta save myself from dry skin, stat! So I’m here to share some goodies that helped me battle dryness and so far, they all work well.

  1. Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with aloe and vitamin E


I got this bottle from S&R for around Php300.00. It’s not my first time to use this product though, because I’ve used it before sometime in 2008 when it first came out while I was traveling in the US.  As I’m not a fan of body lotions because I find them kinda sticky in our tropical PH weather, I usually use body oil right after shower to get the needed moisture for my skin. But I prefer those dry oil mists that you just spray on. However, this oil in gel form makes using body oil more convenient though – more so because it prevents spilling.  It makes the skin soft and supple and also has that cooling effect upon application.  While it’s a bit heavy compared to dry oil mists, I just use this at night after showering.  It also smells good, so I like it so far.

  1. v10 Plus (5 in 1 White Gel)



I got this from my sister who’s a dermatologist as a Christmas/birthday gift.  It’s a moisturizer from Japan for the face.  From the English translation on the label, it says that it’s a “toner, milky, whitening, moisturizing and makeup base”. I don’t know what “milky” means, but it sure works very well for a moisturizer.  I brought this with me during my Europe trip because it effectively works better in winter weather, and it sure does! But now in the PH, it still works – although I only use it at night because it can be quite heavy for daytime.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel from Nature Republic



Oh, I’m sure you’ve seen this around in every Korean makeup store.  Mumuso even has their own version for only Php99.  But I got this for free during one blogger event and it’s been around in my vanity for quite a long time.  Because of the huge tub, it can take as long as two years to finish it all.  I’ve used it everywhere! – on my face, on my legs, all over my arms, and on every nook and cranny of my body.  It can be sticky at first application, but the skin absorbs it quickly enough to leave the surface dry.  I especially love using it in the summer because it’s cooling and light on the skin.  I also pack it in a small tub to take on the plane with me during long airplane travels.

How about you, any favorite skincare item lately?


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