Beauty Friday: Hitting the Pans

For a self-confessed beauty and makeup addict, I feel all sorts of happy things whenever I hit the pan on a makeup product.

It’s like an accomplishment or success of some sorts.

It’s like fulfillment.

It’s feels so gratifying.

Are you with me on this, fellow beauty bloggers out there?

Just recently, while cleaning out my makeup, I found some items that reached their peak -“so to speak”.

Clockwise from left: Rimmel Stay Matte, MAC powder foundation in NC40, ELF powder blush in Tickled Pink, Nu Colour powder in Vanilla Beige

Out of all of them, I feel so mostly satisfied with the MAC powder foundation.  I mean, just look at the poor thing.  It’s ready to say goodbye soon. I even popped it out of its case already, ready to finish all the product left by scooping them all up. SIMOT!


I think I got all my money’s worth on that.  Perhaps, it’s time to buy a new one?


It’s Friday, my friend! What will you be up to? 

As you’re reading this, I will be somewhere in South Cotabato. Yup, another worktrip!

Gosh, I had another busy week, and I’m desperately craving for some mindless TV couch surfing over the weekend. You know, JUST CHILL. With some junk food or ice cream on the side.

Well, enjoy your Friday, loves!


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