Shopping Report: Some Basic Finds in Miniso

What’s up, guys and girls! How’s your very sunny Sunday coming along?

Photo from Miniso’s website

Anyhoo, for today, I’m starting this thing called my “Shopping Report” on the blog.  I know most bloggers, especially fashion and beauty bloggers, love to post about their shopping finds.  And I’m one of them! It’s like telling a friend what great stuff you found in a certain store or what good deals you got or how you got a certain item for cheap. I don’t know, it’s probably a “blogger thing”. What do you think, fellow bloggers? Haha!

So let me get on to it.  If you still haven’t discovered this cutesy Japanese store called Miniso, then you’re missing out, my friend! I mean, seriously – if you’re a shopper, you will fall in love with this store! It’s like a combination of a Daiso and a Muji, and a Japanese version of Mumuso. Or for my US readers, it’s like a more expensive dollar store with items from Japan.


I visited the branch in the recently opened SM East in Ortigas Avenue Extension, Pasig City. It’s quite a small branch, but it’s packed with a lot of stuff. Basically, I only intended to buy stuff that I really need.

Basic Hair Accessories for about Php99 per pack
Some basic travel containers for only Php299

If and when you happen to visit a Miniso and you’re a hoarder of some sort, I wish you all the best in trying to control your sh*t. I mean, most of the stuff are so affordable! About less than Php500 for most items actually.  I won’t pretend that I didn’t have a hard time choosing my stuff. But my goal at the time was to get stuff for less than Php1000 only.  And I did! The only pricey item was the umbrella that I got for Php399.

I tried comparing it to Mumuso – you know, the Korean version.  Although their items are both affordable, I find that there are more beauty items in Mumuso. But if you like fashion accessories, Miniso has a better collection.

Let me know what you got, okay? Have a great Sunday!


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