Strawberries are Sexy and Fun!


How come strawberries are so sexy and pretty to look at?

Aside from how they look, their taste isn’t so bad either, especially at their ripest moments.  So sweet!  I like them best with just chilled cream on top. I can actually finish a whole big bowl in one sitting!

I think I have dubbed them as my favorite fruits before. But that’s probably only because I rarely have fresh ones.  They’re so hard to find and very expensive in the PH! We only have plantations of these in Baguio, and hello, not everyone has the luxury and time to drive to Baguio all the time. Plus, although, we do have frozen kinds at the supermarkets, nothing can beat fresh and ripe strawberries!

Anyway, I just happen to have fresh ones straight from Baguio last week.  Guess what? Their ALL gone and finished in one day! Haha!  But I tried to save some for a milkshake.



Have a happy Saturday, folks!


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