A Minimal Weekend Makeup Look and Some Thoughts on Sephora’s Kiss Me Balm

Products worn today: Shu Uemura BB Mouse, MAC Powder Foundation in NC40, Benefit Dandelion, Eyebrow Powder, Sephora Kiss Me Balm

Lately, my thoughts on doing makeup are focused on THREE words:


(2) LAZY

(3) GLOW

All I wanted really was to show glowing skin and my natural beauty.  Plus, with all the work I’ve been busy with lately, I’ve been very lazy in putting on a full eye makeup.  So, I mostly just focus on my skin, my brows, and my lips. Most of the week, I’ve also been wearing eyeglasses so yeah, I skip even the mascara sometimes.  (Whaaatt??)

I know, it’s horrible! Well, not horrible literally – just horrible in a I’m-supposed-to-be-a-beauty-blogger-but-I-skip-wearing-mascara way. Hehe.

So for the weekend, I really tried to make some effort, but still focused on the minimal side. Wearing my Sephora Kiss Balm in Strawberry Fizz for the first time also helped in a way.

when the hair gets in the way of a beauty shot 🙂

I’m sure you’ll be curious about this lippie, which I got for about 12euros in Paris, so I tried to look for it online.  It’s weird that I can’t find it in  the Sephora website, but I found it in Makeup Alley, so that’s where the  first link will be. There were a lot of good reviews about it, and I’m happy to report that I’m one with them.


First, the packaging reminds me of EOS lipbalms. Thus, application is somewhat interesting.  It’s so easy and convenient.


As for the texture, it’s very much like how a tinted lipbalm should be. With it being a balm, it did bring loads of moisture on my lips. For this shade called Strawberry Fizz, which is a bright berry red shade, it’s more on the pigmented side. It also smells and tastes like a strawberry jam – which was fine by me, but I was actually surprised that it tasted so sweet.


Wear time is great.  It stays on for about 4 hours on me in between drinks of tea, and then, it leaves a pink stain with a subtle shine to it. As expected, that means it will instantly disappear when you have a meal wearing it.

In all, I love wearing it so far.  I also get a kick when it’s time to re-apply because of the sphere-like packaging. I don’t know, it’s fun for me.

Have you seen this around? Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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