Beauty Friday: FS Cosmetics’ Two Way Cake Powder Foundation Review

Let’s take a look today on this FS CosmeticsTwo Way Cake Powder Foundation that I’m currently using.  The shade that I use is Orleans and it matches my skin very well with just the right amount of yellow or warm tone.


Being a locally made brand with many excellent reviews,  I wasn’t surprised at all when it performed really well on me.  I actually even had it with me during my entire travel in Europe.  For only Php525.00, it’s a great deal and/or steal!

First, let’s talk of the packaging.


It comes with a black box and in a matte compact, with mirror and sponge applicator.  The sponge applicator works great, especially for quick touch ups.  Sometimes though, I use a dense face brush to apply it all over my face to set my BB creams.  It works great both ways.


beauty shot in Pisa, Italy while wearing the FS Two Way Cake

In terms of texture and coverage, I can honestly say that it delivers really well compared to most imported brands.  I have only tried it as a dry powder, but I’m sure it will have greater coverage when wet. I find that it wonderfully covers my pores, the sides of my nose, and my under eyes – without being entirely flat. Although it removes shine and stays matte for a surprisingly long time on my face (about 6 hours! but longer in cold weather), it doesn’t make my skin dry.  I wore it the whole day while on tour in Europe, and I only had minimal touch ups.



It wears comfortably with me and because Orleans perfectly matches my skin tone, I can have great looking skin with no pores – perfect for having beauty shots!

So yeah, I wasn’t really expecting much at first, because when I got this, I just needed a back up powder foundation. But lo and behold! It works so well that I think I’m making it a staple in my stash.

The great thing about FS is that they sell refills at a much affordable price (Php350.00 I think), so what’s not to love? I can also see it as maybe a good dupe for MAC’s powder foundations. And the refills can actually fit a normal MAC powder compact. #LoveLocal

So, because of how great this works on me, I think I’m also gonna checkout other makeup products from the FS brand. Have you ever wandered along their aisle in Watson’s or in SM Beauty Section? In case you haven’t, here’s a peek of their website and you might find something new to like.

Happy Beauty Friday!


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