Beauty Friday: 5 Things to Love About Cushion Foundations

I know this trend of cushion foundations had been going on since last year.  It’s like almost all brands jumped into the craze, more particularly the Korean and Japanese makeup brands.  But you know what? I can’t really blame them because there is so much to love about “cushion” foundations.

I’m actually on my second refill and I’m using this CC Cushion Intense Cover in Natural Beige from The Face Shop.


So, if in case you are new to this trend, here are about five (5) things to know (and love!) about cushion foundations:

(1) Moisture

It’s all about getting all that wonderful skin care ingredients from a BB cream or a CC cream, plus an extra boost of moisture. If you have or experience dry skin, this is your new BFF. For me, it’s been great in battling dry skin in this cool weather we are having right now in the PH.


(2) Application technique

Cushion foundations have a sponge that come with the packaging.  It’s usually extra soft and perfect for dabbing/patting the product into the skin.  I emphasize on the “dabbing” or “patting” technique, though.  Just pat the product in every corner of your face, and leave to dry.


(3) Coverage

Speaking of patting, you can concentrate on any particular area that may need extra coverage by patting the product carefully into it. I think it works wonders to cover my pores on the nose, on the sides of the nose, and on my cheeks.  It leaves a little sheen into the skin, but it’s the good kind that doesn’t highlight my pores – so I like!

(4) Setting with powder

Because the foundation can be a little wet or as I said, it leaves a little sheen, you may need to set it with some loose powder to keep it in place.  But once you do that, it stays on for about 4-5 hours, until it’s time for some re-touch.


(5) SPF

Oh, you know me. I like all face products that have SPF.  So ever since I learned this about cushion foundations, I was sold!


Have you ever tried a cushion foundation/BB cream/CC cream yet? Girl, you are missing out if not!

Happy Beauty Friday!


5 thoughts on “Beauty Friday: 5 Things to Love About Cushion Foundations

  1. Your post is really amazing and i found it so helpful!! Its clear that you put alot of hard work and dedication into it, thankyou for taking the time to write posts like these, they really really do help!!

    lots of love,
    katie xx

    Liked by 1 person

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