Florence is My Favorite

Happy Saturday, folks! How are you today?

Today, I wanted to go back to my favorite place in Italy — Florence or in Italian, Firenze!

There is so much to see here, so many to eat, and so many things to experience.  I guess the reason why I dubbed it as my favorite was because of the laidback, easy and kind atmosphere – not only of the place, but also of the people. In fact, in all of our Airbnbs, it was in Florence where we experienced that warm Italian family nature. We booked a place somewhere in the residential suburbs and were welcomed home by Pier Luigi and his wife.  It was like coming home to your grandparents’ house and apart from providing us a cozy bedroom to sleep in, they also kinda took care of us like family. Although we kinda got lost finding their home and can’t seem to get which bus number to ride on, it was still a blissful experience.

Florence is also home to many of Italy’s most famous artists and where you can find the biggest art museum called the Uffizi Gallery. Aside from that, there are also many other museums all over Florence, so it you’re a student of art, or just fancy seeing and appreciating art, getting a museum pass would be worth it.  I guess because of the beautiful landscape and scenery, it became the breeding ground of inspiration and creativity.  Florence flourished like an “artists’ town” during Europe’s Renaissance Period, which was why most of the architecture are from that period.  And which is probably why I love it, because I’d like to think of myself as an artist, too. Like you know, I kinda get the vibe. Haha!

So anyway, here are some of the pictures I took during our free tour and our stay in Florence. Too bad we didn’t have enough time for Sienna, I heard it’s also nice. But at least, we have something to visit again next time.




We started the free walking tour in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. They always have this daily, and they have morning and afternoon tours.

A peek of the Florence cathedral


Firenze is also home to Italian leather goods
in one of the Piazzas

The Florence Cathedral

…or what is better known as the Santa Maria del Fiore.  Look at those magnificent sculptures and paintings! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go inside because it was closed when we finally got the time. I bet it’s even more beautiful inside!



This is Piazzale degli Uffizi or the outside of the Uffizi Gallery.

Here you can find the gallery of statues outside the Piazza della Signoria
 and the David (although the original one is inside the Uffizi)
At the Palazzo Pitti
Florence has the original “Mercato Centrale”
care for some  fried rabbit?

And finally, here’s a photo with our Lolo and Lola (grandparents in Filipino) in Florence inside their home and while having a lovely “Instagram-worthy” breakfast.

Sorry for the flood of pictures, but that’s the best I can do to restrain myself from posting more. Hehe!


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