#MACLipsLipsLips in SM Aura Premier

How to get Ms. France’s lipstick

Hmm…a MAC makeup tutorial happening inside a mall, but no one watching or listening!!?

How can that be? 

Funny how Filipinos only notice when somebody else is noticing? Like I began taking photos with my mobile phone and then, instantly, the girls are flocking in. MAC shouls definitely pay me for marketing! Haha!

So back to the tutorial, I was actually interested because the MAC artist was teaching about how to get Ms.France’s makeup look. You remember Ms. France, the new Ms.Universe? I learned that she was wearing a MAC Cosmo. Oh, how I love that shade!

After the tutorial, the MAC artists began inviting everyone to  checkout the many lipstick shades of MAC. 

All the MAC nudes

But since I am on a shopping ban right now, I just played with their lipsticks..more particularly the nude shades. 

I think this MAC event has been going on around the malls since last year. It’s about reintroducing all of MAC’s cult favorite shades of lipsticks. It’s fun to checkout too, so if you’re up for it, go!


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