Beauty Friday: My Italian Makeup Haul

when boxes of makeup make you happy #truestory

How is your Friday, dears? I hope you are doing well on your side.

As for me, it’s been quite a busy week, so I’m looking forward to Saturday so I can catch up on some sleep, some blogging and maybe some TV or movie.  You know, anything to DE-STRESS.

But for now, all I can do is just look at some of the makeup I got from Italy.  And I’m letting you take a peek!


As you can see, I’ve got some stuff from Kiko Milano and H&M. I made a review already of that Kiko Night Balm here, where I desperately needed something to soothe my dry winter lips while in Europe.  Meanwhile, some of the other stuff I got were: (1) Blush Cocoa Shock in bright pink and peach shades; (2) Unlimited Double Touch liquid lipstick and gloss; and (3) Kiko’s Smart Lipstick.  I actually have three shades of the Smart Lipsticks because of the good reviews I read online. So far, I only got to try one last week and I think it’s quite good if you’re into those moisturizing and glossy lipsticks (of which I am at the moment).


For H&M, I have to admit that I was tempted to hoard – but I had to stop myself.  This was because, the usual H&M makeup that we can access from Manila are those “made from China” kinds, which are usually inexpensive.  But in Europe, where H&M originated, they have a different line which are actually made from Italy, or sometimes, other parts of Europe! Can you believe it? Check here to see the huge and yummy collection that they have. With that and because I was on a budget, I only got myself a matte lipstick and a cream blush.  For starters, I’m loving that cream blush and I’ve filed it under my “blush regulars”.

Well, that’s it for the peek for now. Stay tuned for more reviews on my makeup finds from Italy.


P.S.  Have a fun Friday!

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