Five Things to do in Lake Sebu


Today, let’s explore Lake Sebu!

I’ve been to South Cotabato again earlier this year for another work trip.  This time, I was able to go to the beautiful Lake Sebu, a wide and vast natural lake surrounding the municipality which adopted the same name. We also wanted to try the zip line to be able to see the famous Seven (7) waterfalls of Lake Sebu, but unfortunately, it was being on maintenance at the time. At least, I was able to see two (2) of the famous waterfalls.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Nevertheless, I still had a wonderful time admiring nature and water and eating all the yummy seafood available.  Have you ever visited Lake Sebu? I think it would take you approximately one full day to fully enjoy the place. So to do that, here are my top five things to do:

  1. See the 7 waterfalls either through the zip line or through trekking – Personally, I would prefer the zip line.  With  it being 740 meters high and 460 meters long,  it’s been recorded to be the highest zip line in Southeast Asia, so that should be a goal, right? I want to try it when I get back.
The first of the Seven Waterfalls

2.  Eat Buko Halo-Halo – South Cotabato’s version of halo-halo.  It’s served in a fresh coconut and best paired with big “barquillos” or wafer rolls.


3. Do some souvenir shopping – I would probably buy a shirt when and if I am able to conquer that zip line!

Lake Sebu is also the ancestral domain of the T’boli, the indigenous peoples living around the lake and who protect and care for the environment around the lake.  If you’re interested in native, cultural and indigenous products, you should get yourself a bag or a wallet woven in T’nalak, the traditional weaving made by the T’boli.


4.  Enjoy the seafood! – This picture below are the actually the crabs we ordered from Arpochi – the place I blogged about before about Koronadal City. However, aside from Arpochi, there are numerous restaurants or eating place that serve many seafood – including the resorts and restaurants surrounding Lake Sebu.


5. Enjoy lunch while on a cruise around the lake – the best part for me!

Here, while cruising, you can enjoy the view of the whole lake from all angles.  There are also some members of the T’boli who will tell you stories about the lake, about their culture, and about their music.  Lake Sebu is also where they breed tilapia and catfish, and guess what we had for lunch? Yep, fresh catfish and tilapia from the lake!



Seriously, I want to go back there on my own soon. This time, not on a work trip, so I can truly enjoy it better. And maybe next time, I will be able to try that zip line.

Until then!


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