My Mini Haul from a Pharmacie and Sephora in Paris


Question: What’s a beauty girl gotta do when she finds herself inside one of Paris’ amazing pharmacies a.k.a. drugstores?

Answer: Get all the unique skin care she can find for a good deal!

Here’s some trivia – a typical drugstore in France or Italy (or maybe Europe in general) is mostly filled, from the floor to the highest shelves, with toiletries, medicines, and skin care items.  It is very unusual to find any makeup, like what you can usually find in the Philippines or in the US.  If you are looking for drugstore makeup, these can be found in a supermarket instead. Kinda different and weird, yah?

Most of them “Pharmacies” (in French) or “Farmacia” (in Italian) just have a wide array of skin care items for beauty products. Having known this from the start, I was actually interested to see what I can find.  I’ve read a couple of blogs about the best brands to checkout, so keeping these and my luggage limitations in mind, my friend and I went inside one of the pharmacies to do some beauty shopping. (Well, it was actually mostly ME, because my friend prefers shopping at H&M.)

So anyway, with a budget in mind, I found these items on sale, except for the rose water:


  1.  Full size Caudalie Shower Gels in Thé des Vignes and  Figue de Vigne (7euros for 2)
  2.  Nuxe Reve de Miel Moisturizing Lip Moisturizing Stick (4.99 euros for 2)
  3. Icytane  Ducray Lip Balms (4euros for 4)
  4. Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water (about 12 euros for full size)

I’m currently using the Caudalie Shower Gel in Figue de Vigne and all I can say is that it smells so divine! It’s soap-free and paraben-free, yet it lathers up pretty well while emitting a fresh, floral, and soothing fragrance all over the bathroom. I love that the scent also stays on the skin for about an hour after shower.

Meanwhile, I hoarded a lot of the lipbalms from Icytane Ducray and Nuxe since they were on sale.  I got one of each for myself and gave mostly away as gifts to my sister and some friends.  Being a victim of frost-bite for most of the time that I was in Europe, these balms really worked wonders.  Even until now that I’m already in Manila – they still work!

What I was really searching for is the rose water.  There were others available from other brands. I also wanted one from Caudalie, but it was out of stock at the time. Among the items I got, this was the only one not on sale. When I “Googled” it, it turned out to be a really nice product and brand.  I love the rose scent every time I spray it on my face. I mostly use it before makeup application, or before going to bed.

Finally, here’s what I got from a Sephora branch near the famous department store Galleries La Fayette


A bright pink tinted lip balm from Sephora (I know, another lip balm!), and a mini set from Too Face consisting of a mini blush and  a mini Too Faced Melted Lipstick. I haven’t tried these yet, so I don’t have an initial review.

If only luggage restrictions was not an issue, I will probably buy or hoard more skin care items.  Maybe some of the huge bottles of micellar water makeup removers that were also on sale and some lotions from Avene. Oh well, there’s always next time for Paris!


P.S.  What are you up to this weekend?  It’s Chinese New Year today, so Kung Hei Fat Choi, my friend! May we all have the best of luck this year.

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