Best Steak Dinner in Trattoria dall’Oste in Firenze


This week is so busy! Let’s take a small break, yeah? Today, I wanted to tell you about the best steak dinner of my life in Florence, Italy.

served with baked potatoes and veggies on the side

It was actually unplanned.  We were just doing some minor shopping around the main train station one night and then, it was time for dinner.  I was craving for a really good pasta or a risotto, but anything was actually fine with me.  As we were walking around looking for a pasticceria, we saw this friendly-looking trattoria. Well, at first we got a little intimidated because it might be too expensive or too fancy.  But we saw the crowd and line outside, and got to thinking that it must be a really nice place to eat. There were a lot of young people and Asian tourists like us having dinner. There was also a TripAdvisor sign on the door – a clue that it should be good!

interiors of the Trattoria

Notice how the crowd is mostly Asians?

Thus, without a second thought, we entered the Trattoria dall’Oste Bistecca. It wasn’t a really fancy place, more like a cozy  casual restaurant.  At every table, there was a serving of huge steaks so naturally, we wanted the same.  It turned out that it was their specialty.  So much for my pasta cravings, steak was the order of the night – with some red wine on the side.

Though we only tried the dinner set special for 29euros (it was the cheapest in the menu!), and was not able to get Italy’s best steak called “chianina”, the set meal was already worth every cent and calorie.  And mygash, that steak was huge!

The juiciest and most tender meat ever


The appetizers were also divine!
our set meal came with a yummy carafe of house red wine

It was our first proper and fancy dinner during our trip.  And even if it costs more than our usual budget, I say it was truly worth it.  I mean, it’s not everyday I get to enjoy delicious steaks and wine like this in Europe! It was indeed worth every Euros.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope I was able to lighten up the mood for a bit.  Or maybe I made you hungry, hehe. Happy Hump Day!






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