A Rainy Day in Pisa

Okay, let me be honest here by saying that I didn’t know that there was more to see in Pisa, aside from the famous leaning Tower of Pisa. I thought it was just going to be short train ride away from Florence to see the tower, take pictures, and buy some souvenirs. We initially thought we could spend half of a day visiting Pisa.

But surprise, surprise! In the whole compound or area where the Tower is located, or the Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza dei Miracoli,, there are about three other interesting places to checkout.  The whole cathedral complex is called the Piazza dei Miracoli or the Square of Miracles. Plus, there was a museum, too.  So I can say that overall, if ever you will visit, better allot one whole day to fully enjoy the place.  I also thought that the Duomo is one of the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. Every angle is so picturesque.

Here’s even a bonus! The Baptistery is actually a perfect place to take selfies.  The lighting is so perfect and just right.  I think I was able to take about 50 selfies and beauty shots in that place alone. But don’t worry, I won’t be posting selfies today.  Just several of the beautiful photos I was able to capture during our visit.

Oh, and a caveat: It was raining and freezing during our visit and I was overly protective of my camera.  So naturally, some of the pictures are dark and quite blurry. I didn’t bother to edit, because I wanted to show the “feels” in the photos as well. Enjoy!

The Leaning Tower with umbrellas on the side




The Baptistery
The Duomo dei Pisa
The gold ceiling of the Duomo is so magnificent
Inside the Duomo
Our selfie inside the Baptistery
Inside the Monastery

Happy Tuesday!



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