Beauty Friday: Kiko Makeup Milano’s Night Balm


Yes, I am still in Italy right now, in Milan to be exact. It’s currently 4°c over here today, although it was sunny this morning until noon. Yesterday was 1°c, the coldest temperature I’ve experienced so far. Brrrr…

Over the week that I’m here, I was adjusting to the cold weather everyday and wearing my warm clothes in a hit-and-miss kinda thing. Like today, I was wearing 4 layers of tops and 3 layers of bottoms. And I still felt cold! #tropicalweatherisstillbetter

Aside from clothes, my skin was also adjusting really bad, most especially my lips. I realized that even if I got a good moisturizer for the face and body, the Maybelline tinted lipbalm that I brought with me wasn’t really meant for winter weather. Hence, I got frostbites in the first two days. 

Luckily, while I was checking out the lipsticks counter  of Kiko Makeup, I found this night nourishing lip balm to the rescue. For only 5.90 euros, it was a great help and it really worked overnight! 

It’s like petroleum jelly minus the stickiness and shine. Since its transparent, I’ve been wearing it even in daytime over and under lipstick. It’s my lifesaver in this freezing weather so far. 

Anyway, tomorrow we will head to Luzern, Switzerland – which I expect to be colder than Italy. I am literally preparing myself to be a human icycle (Gaah!!). And I also hope that this wonder pot will still work.

Sending love from Milano,


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