Something New: Mumuso


There’s a new Korean store in town called Mumuso.  And unknowingly, I was there when their branch opened in Eastwood Mall. Talk about being crowded with kids, teenagers, college students, titas, and mommies.

But honestly, I totally understand why.  It’s a pretty little shop full of “kawaii”, cute, artsy, and usable items and whatnot. They have full rows dedicated for makeup, skin care, stuff toys, bags, toiletries, hair essentials, towels, facial masks, etc.  Actually, the list of items vary so much and I could spend all day listing them down. Except for clothes, it’s like a mini-“Muji” and mini-“Daiso”, and an offshoot of the Japanese store, “Miniso”.

So I went there not really intending to buy anything. But when I saw how affordable the items were, I  just grabbed whatever I think would be a great deal.

Here are the items I got:

foldable backpack, mascara, aloe vera peeling gel, and facial foam cleanser.

Let’s get a closer look:


with the prices –


I got the cute orange foldable backpack for only Php299.  I just find the bunnies cute on it. Plus, it’s perfect for an extra bag for whenever I travel.

As for the mascara and skin care items, I have yet to test them.  But so far, I’m liking the foam cleanser because of two things: (1) it smells of fruit juice; and (2) it can remove waterproof mascara in two washes.  For Php149, that’s an incredible deal!

Have you tried anything else from this store?


Hello from Florence! Yep, as you are reading this, I am probably in Florence by now, and I’m probably freezing in my toes. Nevertheless, I’m soooo psyched to be here!

How are you in that side of the world?


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