Beauty Friday: Flormar Khol Kajal Liner in Dark Brown Review


In Manila’s very humid weather, wearing a khol or kajal liner is sometimes not a good idea.  Unless of course, you’ll be inside an air-conditioned room the whole day.  Even then, when you have oily lids in the first place, it won’t even stand a chance in staying put until the end of the day without having any primer underneath.

Take it from me, although I’m not really a makeup expert, I am just talking based on experience.  Having messy eyeliner or eye makeup while I’m in a meeting facing a lot of very important people is simply unacceptable in my world.  Thus, most of the time, I stay away from khol or kajal eyeliners.



But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate them eyeliners. In fact, I actually like how soft and pigmented these eyeliners could be.  I also think they are the kinds that are perfect for tightlining – if that’s the look you’re going for.

But the smudgy and messy look that I end up with in the middle of the day, that’s what I don’t really like. You know, having the color transfer to my upper lids? So messy and unflattering. Ugh. I guess I just find them a little difficult to work with. You know what I mean?


So instead, I go for the smudgy and smokey look right from the start.  Like how I did wearing this Khol Kajal Liner from Flormar in the dark brown shade (there’s a black version by the way).  This one is so soft and easy to smudge.  Not being an eye pencil, it’s easy to work with it with me not poking my eyes. I tried wearing it for tightlining, and it works well, except that it doesn’t stay long without transferring on my under eyes.  Generally as an eyeliner, I find that it only lasts on me for about 4 hours.


But when I try to just smudge it into a soft smokey eye effect and wear it as an eyeshadow instead, I find that it lasts on my lids longer – even well into the end of the day.

Have you ever tried this one?


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