Random Photos: Christmas at Makati Shangrila Hotel




What’s your favorite Christmas carol?  Do you have one? I have a list myself.

But my forever Christmas LSS (“Last Song Syndrome”) is the song “It’s Christmas (All Over the World)” originally by Sheena Easton.  Although I can’t sing the entire song, I feel like screaming the chorus every time.

And every single time that I see Christmas decors at the malls or anywhere, that song is always in my head.

So guess what I wanted to do when I saw these decors at the Makati Shangrila Hotel the other day?  Yep, I wanted to sing! Haha! Anyway, the decors are so beautiful.  The theme this year is “Sparkles of Christmas“. The castle is very detailed when you look closely into it.  They did an amazing job and with glitters and sparkles everywhere. Have you ever been?


P.S.  Just in case, did you know you can also book your stay in Makati Shangrila Hotel through Travelbook.ph for discounted rates?  Here’s the link for the quick access.

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