Beauty Friday: Bronzing or Contouring?


swatchin’ on my cheeks

I don’t really have a definite preference.  But I think that’s mainly because I don’t do either on a daily basis.  I’m more of a highlighter kinda girl.  I could pile on highlighters everyday, and totally forget about bronzing or contouring.

However sometimes though, I do try a bit of contouring.  But it’s just so subtle and you won’t even notice it.  I already have high cheekbones to begin with so I don’t really need a lot of that on the cheeks – just a little goes a long way.  And then maybe a few strokes down on my nose bridge. But on bronzing, I mostly do this during summer whenever I get a tan from frolicking too much on the beach and under the sun.  It also tends to prolong my tan.

When I choose to do either, instead of an actual bronzer, I use a face powder with a darker shade than my skin tone. So, I have here Milani’s The Multitasker Facepowder in Medium Tan which I prefer to use for either bronzing or contouring.  It’s in a matte finish because it’s originally intended to be a face powder. I think I would love to get another one that matches my skin tone that I can also use as powder.

Anyhoo, just wanted to show you how pretty it is – from the gold packaging, the powder puff, and the powder itself.



The Medium Tan shade is just perfect for my minimalist bronzing or contouring.  Nothing too overwhelming.




In other news, it’s Friday and it’s already December!! My favorite time of the year because my birthday also falls on December 25th.  Yep, I’m a Christmas baby! What are your plans? I actually have a major trip for this month, but I’m not telling yet.  It deserves a special and separate post, so stay tuned!


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