Yummy Food from Italia

Hi! Wow, I feel like I haven't posted for a long while. This Euro travel made me forget my normal life actually - including my blogging duties. Hehe. Anyway, tomorrow is our last day, and we will be heading to Manila soon. (Btw, Can you tell I'm blogging thru my mobile phone?) Among the places … Continue reading Yummy Food from Italia

Beauty Friday: Kiko Makeup Milano’s Night Balm

​ Ciao!  Yes, I am still in Italy right now, in Milan to be exact. It's currently 4°c over here today, although it was sunny this morning until noon. Yesterday was 1°c, the coldest temperature I've experienced so far. Brrrr... Over the week that I'm here, I was adjusting to the cold weather everyday and … Continue reading Beauty Friday: Kiko Makeup Milano’s Night Balm