Gyeongbokgung Palace

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Flashback-ing to Seoul today.

One of the must-visits is the Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s quite a huge complex and where you can find many picturesque spots.

It’s also located in the middle of Seoul, so you won’t miss it.  When we went there, there was a free light show at night time which tells of the history of Korea’s royal palace.

The highlight of our visit was watching the changing of guards ceremony. I found that quite fascinating. Although the ceremony was only for at least 30 minutes, the process to line up, look for the best spot to watch, and waiting took us around an hour. We also had some difficulty searching for the location.

The Changing of Guards ceremony


It was also amazing that the Palace is right in the middle of the city buildings.  Culture right in the middle of the city.



If you want to dress up in traditional Korean costumes, there’s also a place here for that. Sometimes, they also hold cultural shows.  However, we were not able to do it at the time because we had to rush to catch the ceremony. Entrance is for a minimum fee and there’s an MRT Station directly connected to it.

The Palace at night

Have you been to Seoul? There are still so many places to see there, and I think it’s always nice to go back.

Have a good day!


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