Beauty Friday: 2nd Love Concealer Foundation in Warm Review


It’s finally Friday! Yipee! I had such a busy week today and I can’t wait for a much needed weekend therapy.

Have you ever been to the American Bazaar store in Market Market Mall? They sell US goodies for almost half the price – from candies to household cleaning items.  They also have a section for beauty items, including some drugstore makeup.  And it was there that I found this 2nd Love Concealer Foundation which I got for only Php99.00.  I think I also saw this makeup brand “2nd Love” somewhere between either H&M or Forever 21.  Maybe in H&M though, because they do sell some makeup and I’ve also tried a few myself.

So anyways, this concealer foundation for such a cheap price surprised me in many good ways. I got the shade “Warm” which I thought works for my skin tone and it did.


Using my foundation brush, or sometimes, my fingers, I like the creamy texture of it without being too sticky or too oily.  In terms of coverage, I did get a decent amount and it’s been great enough to put under my eyes.  My pores and blemishes also get a good even coverage and I think that’s really incredible. If you blend it really well, the texture is like a good cream foundation on the skin without being too shiny or too wet-looking. To finally set the look and make it last longer, loose powder works great with it using a big kabuki brush to blend and buff well.


Normally, I go for foundations with SPF – but this doesn’t have any. But it’s not a deal breaker, because I just apply a sunblock cream underneath or before putting this on.


Overall, I think that for a very affordable price, this creamy concealer foundation delivers surprisingly great results. I use it on days when I’m rushing in the morning because it works as both my concealer and foundation in one. I guess I can say that I LOVE this “LOVE” concealer foundation.

Have a fun weekend!



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