38 Places and counting…


Last week, I had this weird idea to list down all the places in the Philippines that I’ve been to, including the islands, cities, municipalities, and provinces – regardless if it was for work or for pleasure. After trying to remember them all and listing them all down, I began to count the list.  So far, I got 38, not including the cities of Metro Manila.

Me at the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish in Danao City, Cebu circa 2009

Wow, 38! I’ve literally been to 38 places in my own country! For someone who has been travelling a lot, that’s not an entirely bad list and number.

#AkoNaAngTraveller #AngDameKoNgNapuntahan

in Camiguin circa 2010

In truth however, there are still many places in the country that I would like to see.

For that, I have another list – starting off with Bohol (yes, I’ve never been there yet), El Nido, Coron, Roxas, Zamboanga, and Sulu.  I think my goal now is to make that number “50”.

My next target is to go to as many places in Mindanao.  There are still so many undiscovered beaches over there and I would like to experience them all. Haha, travel goals!

How about you, where’s your next destination?


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