TLC Festival 2016 in BGC Highstreet


Everybody has their own weird, odd, or geeky past times, habits, hobbies, or activities.  In my case, I have a weird habit of watching ALL the shows in the TLC channel.  I can watch it in the early morning while having my breakfast, late at night before going to bed, or even all day on weekends.  I swear, if my cable connection becomes disconnected, I would probably freak out in not having my daily dose of TLC.  Even when I’m away from home and checking into a hotel, the first channel I check on the TV is TLC. I know I’m weird and crazily addicted to it, and I can’t help it! In fairness, it’s the good kind of addiction though.

Thus, eventually, when TLC held their first event in Manila last year, I went to spend one full day in BGC Highstreet.  I came with my friends and we all had a blast bringing home many goodies and freebies. I even had a selfie with Janet Hsieh of Fun Taiwan herself.

So…last Saturday, they held the TLC Festival 2016 in BGC Highstreet. It’s a lot bigger, brighter and with more TLC personalities.  Last year’s theme was all about featuring the different TLC shows, so each had a booth. For this year, it was about featuring the many countries where TLC has their shows.

Also, this time, the star of my favorite show, Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss, was also around to greet his many fans in the Philippines.


That girl is so lucky to get a bear hug from Buddy!

I’m pretty sure Buddy and his wife Lisa had a great – if not, GRAND – time here in Manila. I mean, he was treated like a rockstar! There was a huge crowd of fans, even kids, waiting for him and chanting his name. I was one of those fans and I braved to get near the stage to see him upclose.

He was very fun and interesting to watch live.  What you see on TV is the real Buddy, and that was how he was during the whole show.  He was very game to answer questions from the fans, interact with the fans, and even sang “My Way” just to show that he can sing, too. Janet Hsieh was there also, together with the surfer dudes, Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn.  The hosts had them all sing “Bahay Kubo”, a Filipino folk song, and it was really funny and entertaining.

Yeah, talk about crazy, wild and weird.  But at that time, there were a lot of TLC fans surrounding me, so it did not feel any weird at all.

Here are more photos from the event.

Del Monte gave away spaghetti and canned juice drinks
In the Philippine booth, you can play “piko”!
some steaks grilling on a beetle
Dan and Hyden from Surfing the Menu: Next Generation

Have a good day, my friend!


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