Beauty Friday: Revisiting my Foundation Brush from Suesh

Every morning when I put on makeup, I use all sort of tools – including my fingers. Being a makeup junkie, I am also kinda OC about which makeup brush to use for which kind of product. I also find that it’s easier and more convenient that way.  I  get things done fast and efficient.


For my BB cream and/or foundation products though, I use several makeup brushes – which I alternate, depending on which one is clean. There’s the flat kabuki brush from Sigma, my flat foundation brush from The Faceshop, the flat powder brush from ELF (which is about to die on me any moment now), and this good old foundation brush from Suesh.  Sometimes, I also use a sponge for buffing or blending.  But for today, let’s put the spotlight on my Suesh foundation brush.


Suesh is a Filipino brand owned by three sisters who love makeup.  You can read more about them here. Their top products are good quality makeup brushes that are also very affordable. If you’re new in makeup and want to invest in good makeup brushes, I suggest visiting their stores or their website to checkout their collection. Personally though, I like visiting their store in SM Megamall. All your basic makeup tools, hair tools, and even makeup are in that store.


Back to my foundation brush, I have two words for it: (1) soft; and (2) efficient.  I love how soft the bristles are.  And although they do form some noticeable streaks upon application of a product, I still like it because it gets the job of applying a product on my entire face done.


I also use it to apply and blend concealer under my eyes. It’s better than using my fingers because it gets the product blend into the skin well. And like I said, it gets the job done quick.


So, what are your thoughts? I would love to know.

Anyhoo – 

It’s Friday and a weekend once again! I love it when the week is cut short by a holiday weekend.  I will probably be watching a movie with friends tonight.  Have you seen Doctor Strange? I’m not sure if I want to watch it, though. Let’s see how the night rolls.


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