Long Weekend Binging

Over the long weekend, like I said in my last post, I just stayed in the metro.  We visited Mama’s grave last Saturday, and on Sunday, I went grocery shopping to S&R with my brother and sister-in-law.  I spent the rest of the free days cleaning around my apartment, doing my laundry, and catching up on my latest series, Suits. I also spent a lot of time munching on some newfound yummy snacks.

And for this post, I’m sharing them with you!

Exhibit A – Mushroom Chicharon!


Here in the Philippines, when someone says “chicharon”, everyone perks up. I don’t know, but maybe it’s the universal comfort food for most Pinoys.  I found these in one of the stalls in SM Aura’s weekend gourmet market.  They come in interesting flavors – wasabi, peri-peri, hickory barbecue, and garlic.  You can also try some of them in the stall.  I got the flavors peri-peri, wasabi and hickory barbecue.  I gotta say, they are very interesting indeed! They are both crunchy and chewy at the same time.

I brought some when we visited Mama’s grave, and my brother and Papa loved it.  They finished the whole bag of wasabi-flavored mushroom chicharon.  It was a hit!

Exhibit B – Blueberries!


I love blueberries! We went to S&R and one of the first things we looked for were the frozen berries because my brother knows I love them.  I also had the sweetest deal because when we got to the cashier, I was told that they were on a “buy 1, take 1” promo. Yehey!  So now, I got two bags of frozen blueberries all to myself.

Exhibit C – Pumpkin Pie!


Again, from S&R.  And they were also on sale for a “buy 1, take 1” deal. When I got home, I got a brilliant idea of enjoying it. Vanilla ice cream, chilled whipped cream, and some hot tea on the side. Perfect for watching my favorite Cake Boss series on TLC.

Exhibit D – Blueberries Milkshake!


And finally, my favorite of all the food I ate during the long weekend – my own version of blueberries milkshake! I think I had two glasses of these while binging on some chips.

As of now, I don’t care about all those calories. Because by today and until Friday, I will probably be burning them all because it will be a busy week for me. Good luck to me.

How did your long weekend go? I hope it went well.


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