Cool Catlady Shades from Aldo

I’m no catlady…in fact, I despise cats. I don’t know why, but I just find them freaky and scary. I’m always squeamish with them, especially with kittens. (Sorry, catladies.)

For pets, I definitely go for dogs and puppies.  #TeamPuppies

Nevertheless, I can’t resist getting these cool shades from Aldo, with those cute cat ears. Since they were for sale at the time (Php199 each), I just tried them on at the store. They come in black and rose gold, and I got the rose gold because there’s something glam about it.

So here’s me, rocking them on a hot Sunday afternoon.

By the way, it’s a long weekend here in the Philippines. What will you be up to? Are going out of town? Me, just staying in the metro and will be enjoying it without a lot of traffic hopefully.

Happy long weekend then!


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