What’s in my Makeup Kit when on Official Business Trips


Let’s talk about two things I love: Makeup and Travel.  However, for me, there are two kinds of travel: (1) work-related trips (otherwise dubbed as my official business trips); and (2) personal trips (a.k.a. vacation).  In both cases, I think I have pretty much mastered how to pack all my makeup without going overboard.  (I know, beauty girl problems!)

In every business trip I go to, I learned to always pack some basic stuff.  And the keywords are these: “Professional” and “Clean” makeup looks. Being a lawyer, most of my travels involve meeting government officials and locals in a rural municipality or barangay.  With this in mind, anything bright or super dark are to be avoided, so as not to look weird, awkward, or crazy.  Some people can easily judge by your looks, ya know. And I want to be taken seriously to be able to accomplish my tasks better and faster. #justsaying

Here are my usual basic items, or what I call my “Super Face” products:

  1. BB Cream with a high SPF
  2. Concealer (preferably in a stick that can double as foundation)
  3. Powder Foundation
  4. Touch-up/finishing powder
  5. Any eyebrow product
  6. Long-lasting blush like my NARS Angelika
  7. Tinted lipbalm


As long as I have these items with me, I’m good to go.  I can get to the first meeting looking clean and fresh right after de-planing. And then, I just add a few items to spice things up, like two normal shades of lipstick (again, no crazy stuff allowed), a mascara, and sometimes, some eyeliner or neutral colored eyeshadow.  Most of the time, though, I just stick to mascara and a nude lipstick. Plus, they all fit in a handcarry bag so I can do my face right while on flight. Another plus is that I can do my makeup in less than 15 minutes tops using these products – and that’s really important for busy mornings.

In other news…

How are you doing today, my friend? It’s Thursday and I’m still here in South Cotabato.  And you know what, it’s been raining all afternoon. I was supposed to go around and take some pics, but the rain was just not letting me.

Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope you’re all doing great.


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