A Day in Davao City and My First Time to Try Durian Coffee in Blugre Coffee

I had a very busy and full day yesterday.  Like all my work travels, the day started very early.  In fact, I left the house at an ungodly hour of 2am…on a MONDAY! Well, that’s because my flight was set at 4am and as you know, I needed to be at the airport at least an hour before the flight.  Although I did try to get some sleep, I still felt like a zombie when I got to the airport.

Anyway, it was my first time to see Davao City yesterday.  And sadly, it was only for a day and I had to be indoors mostly attending a government workshop/event in Marco Polo Hotel.  Good thing that Marco Polo Hotel is one of the most posh hotels in Davao City, so the ambience and the #feels were quite generally okay.  The food was also great.

During the workshop in Marco Polo

During the workshop, I was already contemplating on my two (2) free and vacant hours before my flight back to Manila and thinking about what to do to maximize the trip.  I had three things in mind: (1) buy a Davao ref magnet; (2) try durian coffee; and (3) buy frozen durian. (Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the third, because even if I found some frozen durian at the airport, it had to be checked in as baggage and I only had 20 minutes left before the flight to do that.  #sayang) So after the activity, I initially walked around the vicinity of the hotel and saw Ateneo de Davao and some shopping complex where they sell native bags and malongs. I bought a native printed bag for Php300.

After some Googling, I was able to find myself some durian coffee in SM Lanang in a cool and quaint coffee shop proudly originating from Davao called “Blugre Coffee”.  Blugre (pronounced as “blue-gray”) is famous for creating their signature coffee concoctions incorporating  the exotic fruit durian.



The branch in SM Lanang is located in the Sky Park. There were only a few customers inside which was great because I wasn’t in the mood for crowds. The baristas were also friendly and even welcomed me to Davao.


They had two variants, one is the hot Durian Gatchpuccino and the other is the durian frapuccino. I ordered the hot version and a custard macaroon and stayed there for an hour before heading to the airport.


This creamy durian capuccino was definitely tasty and interesting. I can smell and taste the durian in it and there were also some durian bits in it. If you love durian like me, this is a must-try. The macaroon was also not bad either.

I wish I can have dinner there too (they also serve pastas), but there’s a flight to catch. I got to the airport about 40 minutes before the departure time and since I was already checked-in for the flight, I walked around to look for my ref magnet and frozen durian.  Despite not being able to buy frozen durian, I was quite happy with what I was able to do in those two hours.

Hopefully, I can go back to Davao again, and perhaps for a holiday the next time around so I can explore more of the place.

Have you ever tried durian in your coffee?


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