One Full Day at the Mandala Spa and Resort Villas in Boracay


When was the last time you spent one full day at the spa?

Wait, let me ask that to myself instead. Hmm, I think it was probably months ago!

Last year, as my birthday treat to myself, I went to Boracay alone to spend one full day at the Mandala Spa and Resort Villa. Well, aside from enjoying the beach of course.

I had one of the villas all to myself.  I availed of the Boracay Salt Glow Scrub Package and I was treated like a queen.


Upon entering the resort and confirming my appointment, I was led to the locker rooms and got this complimentary red sarong that I had to wear the entire time while at the resort.

entrance to paradise

As the entire resort was quite spacious and big, I had to rely on my masseuse to lead me inside to my villa.  I also asked for her to lead me to the lobby after the entire treatment.

The whole spa treatment began with a body scrub.   Unlike other scrubs I experienced, my masseuse was very gentle with every stroke. I enjoyed all the sensations very much that it made me sleepy.  Right after the scrub, I took a shower in the very spacious bathroom and immediately after, I was treated to a hot bath of fresh gumamelas.


I lingered in the bath for awhile while sipping my complimentary avocado shake.  It smelled like fresh flowers and vanilla.

Pure bliss and pure pleasure indeed. Followed by a very relaxing 1 and a half hour of massage, I really felt like a queen.  After the massage and while my masseuse cleaned up, I was also given a pot of complimentary jasmine tea to enjoy while sleepily admiring their gardens right outside my villa. I really felt like sleeping after, it was that relaxing!

This is my blissful self after the treatment

Since I turned off all my data connections the whole time and only had my cellphone for photo purposes, I got almost 5 hours of no unnecessary interruption. It felt super great!

Now, I’m planning for my next spa getaway.  Any place to recommend?


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