Baguio Craft Brewery can be found in Subic Too

Last long weekend, I drove up to Subic to see my family.  My sister and her husband are already settled there, having a thriving skincare and derm clinic in Harbor Point Mall inside SBMA.  Meanwhile, Papa and his wife have been living there for years.  So basically, Subic, Olongapo is like my go-to place whenever there’s free time.

So when we went there over the weekend, we were looking for something new.  Luckily, Baguio Craft Brewery is now open in Subic! The previous Cafe Baluga in Harbor Point Mall is now Baguio Craft Brewery.  If you want  to try out different kinds of beer with a taste of Baguio, there’s no need to drive out all the way there because they have arrived in Subic.


I had fun in the Tasting Room, where initially when you enter the restaurant, they will let you taste every flavor of craft beer in the house.  It’s like how you buy gelato (except it’s beer), letting you taste what kind you want until you can decide what to get.  They got a ton of flavors and kinds, and it could be quite intimidating.  But with the staff who are well-trained enough to be patient, with all the explaining they give to every customer, I think you’ll find your thing. As for me, it was Kraken Baltic Porter – the dark beer that has an after-taste of chocolate and malt, with 7% alcohol content.  Papa and my sis got the strawberry beer called Lagun, while bro got the English Man in New York.

Kraken was the dark one

Of course, since it’s a restaurant/bar,  they also serve some nice bar chow.  We ordered the Beef Nachos and Isaw.

“clean” isaw is so different

Overall, it was a great experience.  I advise to visit with a lot of friends so you each can order different kinds of beer – that way, you’ll get to try many kinds.


Coming to Subic or Zambales soon? Here’s a list of hotels for your next trip from

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