My Vanity Station Situation and How I Store My Makeup

Hello there, lovelies!

I haven’t really been doing a lot of beauty posts lately, so I just thought to begin a series of it this week.  I kinda miss talking about makeup and all that glam.   In fact, I actually miss doing a full-on makeup look!

Maybe one of these days…

Anyway for today, just wanted to let you in on how my vanity station at home looks like.  I don’t have your usual dresser, with a pretty mirror and a chair.  What I have is a makeshift vanity dresser.  Also, since I like moving around a lot while doing my makeup in the morning, I don’t really need a chair!


As you can see, I have two mirrors – a big one and a small one.  I use the small one when doing my eyebrows, eyeshadows, and eyeliners.  I can also move around with it to check my face in different lights – daylight, sunlight, indoor lighting, etc.


On top of my vanity dresser are mostly my skin care products, comb and brushes, body lotions, and my collection of perfumes and colognes.  I usually wear a different scent every week, depending on my mood, so I kinda have a lot of variety.  Oh, and I also have my makeup brushes in the corner, all housed in an old plastic water bottle with a cover ( I’m a fan of recycling old stuff).  This is also where I place my watch and other jewelry before going to the shower at night.


Underneath or on the topmost shelf is where I store all my beloved makeup.  I got this huge plastic two-layer drawer from Muji- which was originally intended to store bond papers- as my main makeup storage.  On top of it are where I store my new and still unopened makeup products.  As you can also see, on the left side is a red container.  It’s actually a brush case from MAC and where I store all my pencil liners, be it an eyeliner or a lip liner, and my mascaras.



On the top drawer of my Muji case are my face and eyebrow products.  This is what I usually open first thing in the morning when I’m about to do my makeup.  Also, when I’m in a rush, all the essentials to make a decent face in the morning are in this drawer, so it’s all convenient.  Meanwhile, the second drawer houses all my blush and eyeshadows.  This what I open when I’ve got enough time to do my eyes.  Otherwise, I’ll just do my blush and lipstick in the car.



As for my lipsticks, it’s all entirely a different story. Since I have accumulated a lot over the years, I have two containers. One for my beloved MAC and other favorite lipstick brands, and another for all the other kinds, which include not just lipsticks, but also glosses, liquid lipsticks, and lip balms. In a recent post, I have thrown away all my expiring lipsticks and have room now for more! (yey!)

Speaking of storage and making space, there’s this new cool website called .  It’s a self-storage facility available only in the US, where they pick up your stuff, store them, and then deliver them back to you whenever you need them.  It’s a pretty cool concept and I wish we had that here in Manila.  It would definitely help condo dwellers like me. Though not ideal for makeup storage, it will surely be handy for excess furniture and kitchen items.

How about you, girl? How do you store your makeup? I would like to know and get some tips.


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