Craving for Bowls of Hot Noodle Soup

As I write this post,there’s a bad weather happening in Manila.  Complete with all the works – heavy rain, dark skies at 4pm, traffic congestion on the roads, and…FRIDAY.

Usually, when it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing planned, I just stay and hangout in a coffee shop or in a cool restaurant or do some window-shopping in a nearby mall – all just to escape the Friday traffic madness. But when the weather is bad like this, and I’m stuck in the office, guess what’s creeping up on my mind?


I’m getting hungrier by the minute as the rain is splattering by my office window.  And since it’s cold outside, right now, I’m thinking of having some soup.

Or maybe some bowls of hot noodle soup. I’m letting you in on my cravings right now.

Let’s see…

Hot chicken mami soup “Hongkong”-style?


Mitsuyado Sei Men’s cheese ramen?
Some Ted’s super extra special Batchoy with all the works?


Or Tantanmen from Ukkokei?


Stomach grumbling right now.

I swear, once the rain stops, I will head down to the nearest ramen place. What about you, how’s your Friday coming along?


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