A Weekend at the Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resorts Suites in Tagaytay

Hellow there, friends!

How’s the rainy weather treating you this week so far? It’s been pretty cold outside, but I’m not complaining.  In fact, I am welcoming the cold with open arms.  I mean, it’s been a while we had this weather in Manila.  And so I thought to blog about my recent weekend trip in Tagaytay.

View from our two-bedroom suite

Over the rainy and cold weekend, I was able to spend it with some close high school friends in breezy and cool Tagaytay. As it is only a tw0-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay has always been a favorite weekend destination to escape the heat and traffic from Manila.  But wouldn’t you know it, some places and restaurants along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway or the Tagaytay-Calamba Highway have become crowded especially during weekends thereby causing Tagaytay’s own road congestion.  Nevertheless, it’s still a fun place to visit, especially while being able to explore the new boutique hotels or bed-and-breakfast places that have sprouted all over the town. For this trip, we stayed in a two-bedroom suite at the cozy Crosswind Resorts Suites.


The bedrooms are quite nice, with comfy beds and covers.  Each of the bedrooms also has a balcony where you can see the view of the whole resort. We were at the fifth floor, which was the top floor of the building, so I guess we got a great view. It has a small kitchen complete with all the works – a refrigerator, microwave oven, stove, oven, and some plates and utensils.  It also has a small laundry area.


It also has a dining table and a small living room.  One bathroom is right in the corner near the kitchen. We just observed that some of the furnitures are already either rusting or chipping – which means that it’s not being maintained well.  The intercom is not working and good thing that they have Wifi, because there’s no internet connection in the room at all.

The suite was for four pax and since there were four of us during our stay, the suite was just right for all of us.  However, there were only two free breakfasts available, so we had to pay around Php500 each for the two extra. The breakfast buffet was quite a disappointment by the way, but it was good enough to tide us over until lunch time.


I’m happy that it was cold during our stay because we got to feel how the resort was supposed to feel like.  You know, like we’re in some place cold.  I mean, it’s called Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resorts after all.

Santa’s House

With Santa’s House and a small Christmas shop, it’s supposed to feel like you’re in Switzerland… or something. Unfortunately, it was closed when we checked it out.  But I assume that kids will love it here come Christmas season.


This is also the place where you can find the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with the windmill.  It’s actually the landmark of the hotel, situated along the Tagaytay-Calamba Highway. Of course, we had to stopover for some caffeine fix.

Finally, a trip to Tagaytay won’t be complete without the obligatory Taal volcano photo.   I took this shot while having our lunch at Charito’s Bag of Beans.


You can checkout Crosswinds in Agoda or in their own website.  I think they also sell overnight stays in Deal Grocer for a discount price.

Have a fun yet cold Thursday!  One more day till the weekend!


*To search for other hotels in Tagaytay, visit Travelbook.ph.

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