The Beautiful Racuh a Payaman and Other Cool Places to See in the South Batan Tour

Hi, folks! It’s August! Can you believe it? Time is flying by so fast, and I still got loads of travel posts to upload.

But for today, I’m posting some of the photos of our South Batan Tour, particularly in Racuh a Payaman – or what is dubbed as the “Marlboro Hills” of Batanes.


Similar to the Vayang Rolling Hills in the north of Batan, Racuh a Payaman is also a grazing or pasture land.  But it’s wider, bigger, and with more beautiful views, with Mt. Iraya in the background.


When we went there, we could literally hear other tourists singing “The Hills are Alive with the sound of music…” You know, that famous song from the movie “A Sound of Music”.

But we couldn’t really blame them.

Once you step on the fine grass, you’ll really get the feeling of breaking out into a song.  I think you can even scream out of joy and nobody would mind.  I also think that you can also roll down the hills with pleasure (and with caution!), like what some of the kids were doing when we were there.


We had our lunch in the restaurant in the area and since this was our last stop for the tour, we had free time to hangout, chill, relax, sit and enjoy the view.  Of course, it also meant taking advantage of the sun and taking pictures.


We didn’t mind that it was around 2-3pm at that time, because it was breezy and windy up there.  We actually had so much fun.


This should be part of everyone’s bucket list of places to see in the Philippines.  It’s one of the most beautiful sites ever.  If you think our pictures are amazing, wait till you see the place in person.


Of course, aside from the Marlboro Hills, there were also other cool places to see around the South Batan Tour, where the towns of Uyugan, Mahatao and Ivatan can be found.

Below are just some of my favorite spots.

Simply called “White Beach”.  If the waves aren’t too scary, you can also swim here. 
The House of Dakay – one of the well-restored stone houses in Batanes.
Mahatao Boat Shelter – where “faluwas”  (Batan term for boats) park to protect them from damage during bad weather
Chawa View Deck – where you can see big turquoise waves  of the West Philippine Sea crashing against the rocky shore
Tayid Lighthouse located on the other side of Racuh a Payaman

There is also the Batanes Blank Book Archive for which I made a separate post.  Actually, there are a few more spots I wanted to make a separate post for, so stay tuned.

Have you ever been to Batanes? Or the question should probably be, when are you coming to see Batanes?!  You should make it there soon!

Hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of your week, friends!


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