The Little Island Called Guam

Posing with the padlocks at the Two Lovers’ Point

The island of Guam could be one of my favorite places to visit.  In fact, I’m already planning on coming back.  But that is if I can be able to afford it again.  Travelling isn’t cheap, you know.

Despite being so little, it offers a lot to do and to see.  It’s one of the five US island territories in Micronesia.  Only a four-hour plane trip from Manila, it’s almost like being in the Philippines actually because there are a lot of Filipinos and Asians that live there.  That being said, you would also need a US Visa to enter Guam.

We stayed in Guam’s capital and main hub called Tumon Bay.  It’s where you’ll see most of the spots to visit.  Let me take you around a bit…

The  first stop should be the Two Lovers’ Point. Okay, I know the name sounds cheesy or corny – but that’s really how it’s called.  See?


Aside from being a “cliche” romantic spot where couples are supposed to prove their undying love to each other by buying a padlock and locking it in one of the fences, it’s also the spot where you can see a top view of the island.


Isn’t the view nice and pretty and refreshing? Since Guam is located in the northwestern side of the Pacific Ocean, that’s actually the huge waves of the Pacific Ocean right there.  Being on top of a hill, it’s also windy and breezy in that area.

So moving on, let’s go have a walk along the streets of Tumon Bay, shall we?


Guam is a shopper’s paradise.  Shopping malls surround the island – from the good old K-mart to Duty Free Shopping Malls to high end luxury shops. To add to that, there’s usually a sale sometimes, so your $$$ can really go a long way. I visited with my friends during the Black Friday season, so imagine the deals that we got.


On to the next stop – the beach!

A visit to Guam is definitely not complete without hanging out and swimming in the white beaches surrounding Tumon Bay.



And then, maybe a visit to Guam’s Underwater World, where you can see some sharks, stingrays, sea turtles and of course, fish!


Finally, after all that activity, it’s time to relax and unwind.  And what better way than trying out some Guam beer?


It’s actually tastes great, not too bitter and yet, very refreshing after a long day at the beach. Try pairing it with their local barbecue, too.

How to get around Guam? Easy! Just ride their trams that go around the area.  Since we stayed for about 4 days, we got the 5-day ride pass so we can have unlimited rides for the rest of our stay.  It’s also economical and convenient rather than having to pay everytime.


We also stayed in an Airbnb apartment, instead of the hotels.  Much cheaper and much closer to the local neighborhood.

Ah.. Guam. Hope to visit you again soon.

So that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoyed!


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