Welcome the Weekend and Be a #winetourist


wine tourist2

Have you heard of the Wine Tourist Magazine?

If you’re living under a rock, or haven’t quite heard about it, Wine Tourist Magazine is a free online international magazine that feature wine, travel, food and culture from all parts of the world. They feature articles that show different aspects of a certain place or country – like its culture, its food, the people, the must-see travel spots, and its local wine community.  It’s like a travel and food magazine, but more. Click on the link to discover a new favorite online read.

Oh, and did I mention WINE? 😛

Wine brings people and communities together – from how it is produced to how it is enjoyed.  And for me, it’s one of my favorite alcoholic drinks (aside from tequila!).  I always keep a dry white in the fridge for emergency.

You know, when I feel like I want some fun in the evening…or when I can’t sleep… or while watching a really good movie…those kind of emergencies. I also like to pair it with my grilled veggies sometimes…or with some cheese and fruit…

I have been featured as a #winetourist in their May and July 2016 editions, by the way.  Check these out:

wine tourist1
May 2016 Edition


wine tourist3
July 2016 Edition

Being part of the #winetourist Community Page allows me not just to showcase my photos with a wider audience, but also helps me promote my blog.

Do you think you are a #winetourist?

Do you want to be a #winetourist as well?

Click here to see the Be a #winetourist Community Page and to know more about it. It’s actually very simple – just submit your best food, wine or travel photos. You can also follow their instagram (@winetouristmag) and Facebook accounts to see amazing photos.

And, oh, since it’s Friday, I think I want to have some wine myself to welcome my weekend and unwind for a bit.  How about you?

Have an enjoyable weekend!



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