Maybelline’s White Super Fresh Liquid Powder in Honey is So Drippy

Hi, boys and girls! It’s Saturday and it’s already June!  What will you be up to today?Don’t ask me, because I’m currently on a work trip today while you are reading this post.  But I don’t want to get behind my blogging duties, too. So… 🙂


For today, let me put on my beauty blogger cap and tell you all about my thoughts on this new product from Maybelline. It’s called White Super Fresh Liquid Powder and the shade I picked was B5 Honey. It has always been my choice of shade for Maybelline’s powders, because it’s yellow-based and doesn’t appear too chalky on my skin tone.

Let’s proceed, shall we?



The packaging comes in the brand’s usual liquid foundation bottle, with a nose tip that makes it ideal to control the flow of the product.  It had loads of promises on the label – whitening, lightweight, UV protection, and lasting freshness.


I’m not too keen on the whitening part, but for the promises of UV protection, lightweight and lasting freshness, I guess it what got me to try it.

For the product itself, I find it a bit too runny and watery and drippy.  It has to be poured at the palm of my hand to prevent it from dripping so much.


And for that, I find that applying it using my fingers is ideal rather than using a foundation brush or a sponge.  Because of the very liquid texture, I find that most of the product would just be absorbed by the brush or the sponge before going into my skin.

Upon application using my fingers, it does dry into a matte finish.  But it doesn’t last for long because it has a hint of oil in it.  I guess that would be the sun protection.  So to finish off, a good setting powder is still necessary.  In this case, I used my Pigeon Baby Compact Powder in Beige with a big powder brush over it.


For me, it doesn’t really offer much coverage, even for pores.  However, I do like that it has SPF 50. Apparently, it’s not really a liquid foundation per se, nor even a BB cream. It’s supposed to be powder in liquid form as what it claims to be.  For me, it just feels like a tinted sunblock in “water” form. However, I do think that in Manila’s sticky, hot and humid weather, the idea of it being lightweight works. Lately, I’ve been using it for days or weekends when I prefer to wear light makeup.  Sometimes also, in the days I choose not to bring my car, it works as an alternative sun protection under my powder foundation.


In general, I can’t really say that I like it so much, because it drips so badly. With clumsy fingers in the morning, it can really be a bother. Although, I do recognize the pros of using it.

How about you, any thoughts?



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