Nan Lian Garden in Hongkong

Today, let me take you to Hongkong.

In Hongkong, there are more places to see than Disneyland, Oceanpark, and shopping malls. One of its hidden gems (quite literally hidden, actually) is the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery.  It’s situated right smack in the middle of tall buildings, skycrapers, and MRT stations. And it’s quite a nice place to see.




the Chi Lin Nunnery Buddhist Halls

Inside the garden and surrounded by the Buddhist halls is also the Lotus Pond Garden. It’s a big pond and I actually enjoyed taking photos of it.


the lotus are actually big upclose
notice the tall buildings in the background?
proof that I was here!

We visited sometime during the summer season, so it was really hot, humid and sunny.  Even early in the morning while walking around the garden, we were sweating so much.  But the place had lots of beautiful sceneries to offer so we didn’t mind at all. It has so much trees, grass, blooming flowers, and of course, the lotus garden!



only a few tourists inside


my friends walking along




That’s it for now.  Have an enjoyable Wednesday!


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