6 Things to Experience in Sabtang Island

Sabtang Island from the port of Ivana

Ahh…Sabtang.  You are definitely one of a kind.  For me, if you really want to experience and see Batanes in its raw and natural state, Sabtang Island should be in your itinerary. I have a lot photos to capture its beauty, but I decided to narrow it down to six (6) items.

Let’s start, shall we?

  1. Chamantad Cove and Tinyan Viewpoint


If you’re familiar with the movie “You’re My Boss” by Star Cinema, this was one of the scenic spots they chose to show in the movie.  I couldn’t blame them, because it is indeed very beautiful.

2.  Wearing Vakul and Kanayi

in full battle gear


In the Tinyan Viewpoint, this was also where we got to try the famous Ivatan gears. Ivatan women wear the “vakul” to protect them from both heat and cold. For men, it’s called the “talugong” with a vest called “kanayi”. So cool, right?

3.  Savidug Village

Savidug is located in the part of Sabtang that is closest to the sea.  No wonder this is where their fishing villages are found.

Posing with the dried flying fish
aside from fishing, one of their means of living is that they also produce small stones (or what’s called “tiktik ng bato”) from which their roads are made so they won’t have to import cement from Basco

They also have a lovely hidden cove, which is the other side of the island.  If you book the day trip of Sabtang Island tour, you won’t be able to see this because it’s quite a long travel going here.  We were lucky to be staying overnight in Sabtang, so we got to walk and linger around more.

so pristine

4.  Chavayan Village

Named by no other than UNESCO as one of its protected heritage sites, Chavayan is a quaint little mountain village on the farthest north of the island.


It is where you will see most of the stone houses that Batanes is famous for.  We initially were supposed to stay in one of the “bahay na bato”, but the owner was not around to take care of us.  We also didn’t want them to bother cooking our dinner, so we opted to stay in Sinakan Village instead, where the poblacion and port is.

It is also where you can find the Sabtang Weavers Association, or the women who make the vakul and kanayi from the abaca fiber of a plant called vuyayuy palm.

watching how the delicate weaving is made


even the tricycles are made of cogon

5.  Mayahaw Arch in Morong Beach

One of the most picturesque spots in Sabtang is the Mayahaw Arch.  As proof, it took us an hour before we got our turn to take photos with it.


The Morong beach is also where you can opt to swim, if you dare to battle the huge waves. At that time, although the sea was calm, nobody got to swim because everyone was busy taking pictures.  You can also see Nakabuang Cave from this view.


6.  Coconut Crab

Finally, it was in Sabtang where we got our first taste of the coconut crab.  It was also cheaper to get it there than in Basco.


It was soooo goood!! We had it with sinigang na flying fish, adobong sitaw and rice, of course!

Happy Friday!


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