Casa San Miguel in Zambales


There’s a hidden gem in San Narciso, Zambales called Casa San Miguel.  If you’re into arts, music and good food, it should be a treat when you visit here.  It’s also at par with the current trend now: turning old houses into historic art places or restaurants.  I visited sometime around March with family.  We only visited for dinner, but were able to tour around the place.  Visiting costs Php50.00 for each person, where they will let you tour the place.

Here are some of the photos I took while we were at it.

some souvenirs
a beetle van turned into a mini library

Casa San Miguel also holds art exhibits and music festivals.  They also offer art classes and music classes to both children and adults. When we visited, there was a violin and cello class for kids being held where visitors were allowed to watch.

the art gallery where some national artists display their works
part of the little museum exhibiting paraphernalias during the Japanese occupation
My favorite part – watching the kids practice their skills

Enjoy some art tonight.


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