Four Steps to Have Melt-Proof Summer Makeup


In this very hot summer weather, everybody is suffering from tremendous sweat and heat – that is, unless you spend most of the day comfortably sitting in your air-conditioned room. But unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury to stay indoors all day.  Some of us still have to walk outside under the tormenting heat of the sun to go to work, to commute, to go to the parking lot, or to do some important errands.  And for women like me who have to look presentable all day because of my job, having a freshly made up face has been a challenge lately.

But with practice and some hits and misses, I was able to create a routine for my “melt-proof” and “sweat-proof” summer makeup. Here are my dibs:

1. Wear SPF in any form you want.


Be it in a BB Cream, CC Cream, or just plain sunblock cream, just always make sure it is SPF30 or up.  I use my BBs and CCs as my makeup base as well, so this is a very important step.  You get a 3-in-1 benefit from just one product: sun protection, makeup base, and foundation. But since it’s summer, you only need a tiny dot on each part of your face and then blend very well.  Applying generously may turn your whole face into a cake! (You know what I mean, right?)

2. Use face powder to battle oiliness.


Speaking of cakes, one trick to avoid being or looking like one is to make sure that you finish off with a nice face powder using a large powder brush.  I alternate between a 2-way powder foundation and a loose powder. Now, this is one product you can apply generously over your BBs or sunscreen, just make sure to blend the product into the skin evenly.

3. Fix the eyebrows and wear light eye makeup.


To frame the face, I always need to have my eyebrows in check.  You can use any of your normal eyebrow products, but kindly avoid the gels for now.  The same goes for eyeliners and eyeshadows.  To be safe, I just use my basic eye shadows in powder form and avoid wearing any eyeliners for now.  And if I want to wear mascara, I always make sure it’s the waterproof kind.

Mind you, in this heat, the first thing to melt on your face will be your eye makeup.  And by the time you get to your destination, it would be a challenge to fix – unless you do it all over again.

4. Fix the cheeks and lips with very light products.



Finally, the finishing touches would be the cheeks and the lips.  To make my blush last forever on my cheeks, I use a cheek tint and a powder blush over it.  It’s kinda the same concept as the BB and face powder combo. The powder blush makes the color on the cheeks last.  Sometimes, I also use a baked powder blush, which also works as a highlighter.  But remember this, if you’ll use a highlighter, wear it lightly to avoid looking shinier than the sun.  And for the lips, I just use my lipbalms with SPF or any of the tints as well.  I don’t need any heavy lipsticks for now.

As a caveat, let me just say that these steps work for me and my kind of skin.  I’m not sure if it would work for others, but most of the products I have here are very basic.  It achieves a fresh and made up face, sans looking like a sweat factory. With this heat, we really don’t need to wear anything heavy.

How about you? Any tips for summer makeup?


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